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Custom Challenge Coins in 10 days or less

These are like small packages with big power. Yes they are lot more important and useful than a normal coin. Firstly they are recognized as coins which show them the command trust and power. Innumerable units in army, Navy and Air Force have this with them having their slogan and insignia. Without an inch of doubt, they are intangible asset that is everlasting and ever cherish able. A soldier never runs for money, but he craves for pride and respect and hence they are best personalized gifts for them making them feel honorable and respectable.

Best part is that when you are presented with a challenge coin it gives a feeling of real achievement. For example if you want a nice vehicle, you can immediately pay money and have one, but in this case it is not like that. You need to earn it no matter how rich you are. Challenge coin does not look for a person’s class or status but what it looks in him is his capability and work.

You go to army personnel’s home and you will notice it is tied on his wall which gives a feeling of pride and you may feel motivated. A small glimpse of it is enough to make you achieve it. Hence, no doubt they are attractive. They came into picture after World War 2, but it is not that they were into non existence before it, it was just that their presence was not given due importance. They were roughly used as bronze or gold medals in ancient days for the fact of rewarding others. Especially, the gold coins were very much lustrous. It was in World War 2 that there use became very evident and official in U.S military.

Creating a Coin in Three Easy Steps

Why us?

We have this feeling of pride and honor to make challenge coins which are immense sense of satisfaction for achievers. We have been in this business for last 10 years and we have in this long span created many good and valuable challenge coins for Navy, Army, Business units, Coast guards etc we take pride in manufacturing these. We have our team of expert designer who constantly guide you in choosing best themes and make it look amazing. We have designed for many military departments which have impeccable quality at good and economical rates. Equipped with experienced and customer oriented team we have a legacy of providing some best variations.

Two Types of Enamels For Custom Coins.

These are of two types depending upon the enamel used for its preparation. First one is known as soft enamel i.e. the substance used to make it is very soft, while the other one is hard enamel. Hard enamel gives it a hard and solid touch. Latter is bit costly than formal. Under these two things the coin making process is pretty similar.

Design your custom coin with ease.

First and foremost you need a vital idea to make it. Then you must decide what all will be included on two sides of the coin. Is that you want only one side to be filled? Or both the sides?  Then think what all message or pictures you want to include in it. In short its designing part. There are different types of metal you may choose to make your coin which purely depends on your budget and preference. One with higher budget can go for costlier metals like silver or gold, but there are also other metals that can be useful like bronze and aluminum. After all they all are precious and pious to the owner. It is the achievement that matters not the money shed in to make them.

Uses of Custom Challenge Coins.

It is said that change is the only constant thing in life. Likewise also use of or better say relevance has changed over the period of time and it nature is more wide and exclusive. Initially used for Military it has been accepted for other parallel organizations too and is increasingly becoming admired and trendy. Hence, we have seen phenomenal rise of custom challenge coins in variety of departments like law enforcement, air force, firefighter, coast guard, marine, police, sports or any business and this trend has given or rather invented various customized challenge coins which have various shape and sizes and innumerable designs.

These are the best way to make a coin that will be a replica of your imagination. It has been now possible with advancement of technology and different techniques that any shape and size can be created with implantation of any design.

These have proved very beneficial to such organization. Take the case of business. If you give to employees or any other staff member for exceptional achievements it will shoot up their morale and confidence level and in turn work as great motivational force for others to walk on same path. It changes the environment all together and helps to build a healthy completion among employees. At the end all benefit and a Win-Win situation is created.

Modern techniques have made it possible to post a photograph onto the coin which is best for group appreciation. Hence, are very useful as it make us feel that our hard work and selfless nature is not gone wasted, this small metal is what we achieved which is priceless.

For Business: Likewise it can be made use in places of business cards for various organization or freelancers. Business card’s basic purpose is to provide some relevant information to the opposite party like address, contact number, company name etc now imagine every client must be receiving such respect from so many business heads. It becomes so monotonous and boring to read card all the time, so most of them do not even read it and keep it in their pockets. Hence, presenting challenge coins with required information printed is a very good idea so that it interests the customers and clients.

As unique gifting ideas: In this way clients will be remembering it for a longer shell of time and it will have a favorable image. In long run this will create an edge for business.Also they are best form of gifts that can be given on some special events. For example during wedding it can be used as return gifts. So much unique gift it would be, all the guest will appreciate it and keep it carefully in their house. Down the line after few years when one will have a look at this wedding coin they will have all the memories in front of their eyes.

Make sports challenge coins a part of sport team and see the wonders. Wow! All the team fans would buy all their favorite sports coin and help to spread the awareness. It will increase the popularity and build a co-ordinal relation. Making available a common sports coins among the sports player will have a great psychological effect on their mind and increase their team spirit. There will be better co-ordination among them and team’s interest will be high on priority. In this way these are very good for betterment of team.

As fund raiser: Such types can be used for kind purpose too. They can be very designed to be used as money raiser for needy. By inscribing their favorite stars signature and image it will be sold in the market and the money generated from it can be used by non government organizations. Also people donating for other noble cause can be given away by congratulating them for such good deeds. This will motivate others to follow the same course and hence world will be a better place to live. Not only charitable events but also during promotions and awareness about any kind of brand. Not to forget that these are one of the best form of marketing tools in marketing if utilized efficiently.

These are designed for so many different occasions which are like Navy, Army, special occasion etc, hence it must be made attractive and likable. One of the ways to do is edging. As the name suggest it means giving a proper shape to the border of challenge coin.

Edge Color and Shape Options for coins.

Here you may get number of edge options. We provide you immense option to choose from like flat weave, diamond cut, swirl, twisted design. We understand your need to have the best challenge coin that will do justice to your achievement and we follow the same path to make it most suitable and engaging. Such beautiful edging is good way to make your coin look out of world and amazing. Also one may opt for epoxy coating which gives a very classy and attention seeking look to it. It will not cost you much but make it a perfect object of discussion with evening tea. We give you a option to design these coins with epoxy coating on both sides.

Adding Colors to your custom coins and making it look flamboyant. We also help you choose colors, not only one but more than one. Also we offer different design like cut work which can give challenge coin any specific shape or size. You can have a shape of truck or building. One may choose 3 dimensional effects which make it look dazzling and cool. One may opt for very unique and weird coins like a dog shape. This you can tie to neck of your dog and make him look royal.

Such dog shape challenge coin may contain the name and address of the owner. It may also be in shape of a cake which you may present as gift on birthdays. This will be very unique idea and make the gift special and amazing.

Sequential Numbering and Plating options for Custom Coins.

We give an excellent option of sequential numbering which makes the coin as special edition. When you see numbers on it, you get a feeling that it is made for you only. You feel appreciated and content. This is very amazing idea.  We have been doing some of the best sequential numbering which is becoming increasingly famous. Gold plated looks class apart and really puts shine in the eyes of the onlooker. So, we provide various options for customizing it.

Display cases for Coins.

We also offer some of the best display cases for your coin which will make it look even more attractive and interesting. All of you wish to have a display case that is simply class apart. Cases are some of the best way to display your coins. Hence, we provide you with the solution here. Such display cases are best to keep you coin safely. Our display cases have an unmatched standard in quality and at the same time very much decorative.

We deal into different sizes of display sets. Someone with more number of coins can store it in big display case with racks in it. It can be mounted on the wall so that its appearance is elaborated and importance recognized. We also have small display set that can be kept on the desk. Anyone sitting with you will instantly get the glimpse of it and make you feel special. At customers request we also have the option of locking. All this is provided by us at minimal rates because we give importance to value and feelings rather than money. For single coin keeping we provide you single cases to keep.

In this again there are numerous varieties to choose from like capsule case of velvet case. We efficiently guide our customers in choosing it and make sure they get the best deal.

Before customization our team notes down all important requirement of customer and gives more than 100 % to make sure their manufactured custom coin is exact replica of it. Our delivery of challenge coin is very much safe and fast. We deliver what we quote and others promises. We believe in exceeding expectation far beyond the limit.

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