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At Challenge Coins City, we are proud to create custom challenge coins that commemorate special achievements and important milestones. Our 10 years of experience ensures you will receive a superior product, and we strive to deliver outstanding customer service every step of the way, from initial inquiry to final delivery. All orders placed with Challenge Coins City qualify for free shipping and free artwork. We offer a team of expert designers to turn your custom coin from dream to reality, and our easy 3-step ordering process means you get your coins in 10 days or less.

Our high quality coins and affordable prices earn customers from the private business sector, local public service departments and the United States military, including departments of the Army, Coast Guard, Navy and more. Request a quote today to see how Challenge Coins City can meet your custom challenge coin needs!

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About Challenge Coins

Challenge coins date back to World War I, when they were used as a sign of membership for members of the armed forces. The small coins with the unit insignia could be used as a form of identification, and in some cases they proved to be a life saving token. Military members carried their coins at all times and would “challenge” one another to display them at a moments notice. The coins took on a life of their own, banding groups together and boosting morale during the war. They have since become a permanent fixture within military groups, not only as a sign of membership but also as special awards and recognition of visits. Today, challenge coins are used extensively by the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and more, as a tangible sign of the honor earned by those that carry them.

Over the years challenge coins grew in popularity and are now used commonly in both the public and private sector for everything from sports organizations like NASCAR and the NFL, to government agencies like the police and fire departments, and even as membership tokens for enthusiast groups like Harley-Davidson motorcycle owners. Challenge coins may also be referred to as commemorative coins and are often used as unique gifts to mark special occasions like a wedding.

Occasions for Custom Challenge Coins

Challenge coins have a rich tradition in the United States military, where they are commonly used as a token of special recognition for unit members. Their use often overlaps into other government agencies including law enforcement and fire fighting, and in recent years their popularity has increased rapidly as a commemorative piece for all occasions.

  • Business

While challenge coins may have their roots in public service, they are a wonderful option for businesses looking to recognize outstanding performers or provide a membership token for special task teams or leadership groups. Challenge coins also make memorable handouts for marketing and fund raising purposes. The ability to fully customize your coin means that no two coins are ever the same, ensuring a unique and timeless gift that is a true reflection of your organization.

  • Sports Teams

A custom coin themed to match your favorite sports team can serve all kinds of purposes, from uniting members of the team to identifying the biggest fans. Challenge coins are a great way to memorialize a championship season and remind players of their time together.

  • Unique Gifts

For many individuals, a custom commemorative coin is the ultimate party favor. Giving guests a token to remember their special day – be it a wedding, retirement, or other ceremony– is easier than ever with Challenge Coins City.

The possibilities are endless when you order custom challenge coins! Test the limits of your imagination and create your very own size, shape and design then watch our team bring it to life. Start now by requesting a quote today!

Designing Your Custom Challenge Coins

Challenge Coins City makes it easy to design your custom challenge coin! Our talented team of designers is committed to developing your perfect coin, and if you don’t know where to start they can lend an expert hand to help guide you through the process.

One of the most important things to consider when planning your custom coin design is deciding on the “Big Idea.”In other words, what is the purpose of your coin? Identify the core message and that will help drive your design!

Once you pick a theme for your coin, there are some other important elements to consider that will help guide your design team.

  • Key content: include the specific text or images that MUST be featured on your coin.
  • Decide if your coin design will be single or double sided.
  • Choose a type of metal for your coin. (Options include zinc, brass, iron and copper.)
  • Consider the different edge options available for your coin, including flat weave, diamond cut, swirl and twisted designs.
  • Select the type of enamel you prefer to use for your coin.(Options include hard or soft enamel.)
  • Identify the key colors you want to use for your coin.
  • Pick your favorite coin effects to be incorporated into the design, including custom cut work, 3-dimensional effects, “Special Edition” sequential numbering and different finish options like gold plating.

Display Cases

The coins we design and manufacture at Challenge Coins City are made for display, and we are proud to offer a variety of high quality options to protect and showcase your custom coins. Our cases range from oversize collectors’ pieces with multiple racks, to decorative units that can be mounted on the wall all the way down to smaller desktop sets and single coin cases. Weoffer options like velvet lining and locks to ensure your cherished coins are safe and sound for many years.Our affordable prices can’t be beat! Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer.