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Different sizes of challenge coins

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Different sizes of coin can be easily done by made to order. Choosing the size is at our disposal. These sizes are standard in nature but can be enhance with the help of customization on prior request. Increasing size results in more weight thus more cost. They can be give different color to suit different mindset. It only adds to increasing variety. Big the coin in size more message and features you can include on it. suppose, you want to add a picture as well as message on it, then you should ideally order a bigger size challenge coin. But, for those who has limited stuff enrich on it, like only adding a image or printing only some catchy slogans then a small size is good. One should analyze their requirement, get to know what kind of coin they need, what should be printed on it and then accordingly decide the size of the coin. Small or medium size coin is easy to handle and keep compared to big size challenge coins. Some people like big sizes as it makes them more visible and catchy, while some go for medium size. Also, some has huge collection of so many different sizes.

Different sizes of challenge coins

Large size are usually seen greatly influenced by cut to shape artwork. We can put in maximum detail and make it more appealing as a result of cut to shape method. Such large size custom coins are greatly impacted by different shapes which includes vehicle, vans, trucks, artillery gun, tanks etc; usually for cut to shape design, one would recommend these as they tend to utilize more surface place. This will help to include more text and logos on to the coin. Large coin sizes with great design will attract more number of customers. They enhance the purpose for which they are made.

They have a great impact. They reason why they are popular with most advertising firms or business organization is: they come into spotlight easily and are expert in grabbing attention. Hence, serving their purpose. A customized challenge coin with proper size and shape can be best replacement for a visitor or business card. Imagine what impression it will have on customer or clients. They are great marketing tool. Unlike business card, they are neither destructible nor dull. A client will tend to remember your organization for a longer period of time. Hence, more the number of images or text more will be the size. It all depend on the occasion for which it is being customizes. Like a business card challenge coin need not be of large size. It should easily come inside the pockets.

Whatever be the sizes, they are special and priceless!

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