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Fire Department Challenge Coins

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 fire department challenge coins

Fire department challenge coins is one of the ways to show gratitude to the fire department personnel who risks their lives while saving ours. Challenge coins have history related to bravery and reward. Challenge coins originated during the days of the First World War. During those days, military men used to wear challenge coins as an identical label representing a unit or a troop. They were also awarded with challenge coins as a token of respect and acknowledgement towards their brave work. Since those days, challenge coins have a special place in the field of military. However, over the years, challenge coins found its identity beyond military grounds. Soon after, it started building a place in other fields like navy, air force, fire department and even corporate offices and sports world. Fire department challenge coins are used with similar motive – to acknowledge personnel for their brave act and at times as an identity badge.

Fire department is a department that is responsible for protecting lives and places from fire during need. They have trained personnel who risks their lives and save others lives, assets and places. During fire related emergencies, people call the fire department and the later take the responsibility of tackling the situation. There are different chapters in history continuing till date, where fire department has saved many lives and resolved various fire incidents across the globe. Nothing is better than a challenge coin to show one’s respect and gratitude for the brave act of theirs. Fire department challenge coins are thus offered to fire department employees as rewards during different occasions.

Challenge coins are type of coins with motto or logo imprinted. Challenge coins can be created of different sizes, shapes and colors. Metallic challenge coins are very popular among masses. Gold, silver and bronze challenge coins too are popular. One can design challenge coins of different shapes, round or oval being the most commonly used shapes. People do experiment with other shapes for designing challenge coins such as square, rectangle etc. Challenge coins usually carry symbol or slogan. Name of a company or a brand is used in terms of corporate usage. Specifically for fire department, challenge coins mostly carry a slogan and the symbol of the unit. Fire department challenge coins behold the representation of something that is brave and commendable. One can also include slogans and logos while designing fire department challenge coins.

custom fire fighter challenge coins

Designing and creating challenge coins now is easy with us. All you need to do is, request your design requirements and place an order online for fire department challenge coins. You get an opportunity to interact with a highly qualified instructor who tries to understand your requirement for designing a challenge coin and deliver the same along with adding their tint of creativity. From deciding on shape, size and metal used comes from you as per your need and budget. You also can view a sample piece of fire department challenge coin before placing the final order. Explore our offers and get your fire department challenge coin online.

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