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Firefighters are brave and work to ensure public’s safety often risking their lives. These are great tokens to recognize firemen for their invaluable service. These also serve as commemorations when gifted to the families of fallen firefighters. Any firefighter when recognized for his service and presented with a coin will cherish it for life and hold it close to his heart. Also, Coins can be customized so that the fire team’s logo and name can be included.

These can be customized in many aspects depending on the requirements – the metal, finishing, color, and shape. Besides when a fire fighting unit unluckily loses its mate, firefighter coin presented to the grieving family stands out as a very warm gesture recognizing the fire fighter’s invaluable service to the department. Moreover, the fire fighter’s photograph can be featured on the coin by a technique known as offset printing by covering the photo with epoxy which gives a glossy finish to the coin – this truly makes it the right honor that could be given to the deserving fireman.

Firefighter coins can also be given to the best leader, a remarkable serviceman, or to an excellent sportsman among firefighters. There is not one particular way that can be used to shower affection or appreciate services – truly challenge coins are a lifetime treasure! We have been minting unique products with customers’ requirements and personalization as the highest priority, and minting of coins representing ultimate craftsmanship has always been the company’s driving principle!

FirefIghter Challenge Coins