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Law enforcement in the United States is one of three major components of the criminal justice system of the United States, along with courts and corrections.  Policing in the United States is conducted by various sorts of agencies at many different levels. Every state has their own jargon  for organizations, and their powers, duties and funding varies from state to state.

Our design team works closely with various law enforcements’ officers and agents to fashion a unique and distinct coin that will stand out from the crowd.  With all the different agencies throughout the country having different insignias, motto, or even mascots, the possibilities for creating Law Enforcement coins are endless.

Along with the endless design possibilities, it seems that the popularity of these variety knows no bounds.  Simply put, officers in any law enforcement capacity enjoy receiving challenge coins.  Given out to venerate fallen officers, the inclusion into a special unit, or admittance into a law enforcement force, the reasons are equally as endless.

Apart from upholding order the purpose of policing is the investigation of suspected criminal activity and the referral of the results of investigations and of suspected criminals to the courts.  Law enforcement agencies are also involved in providing first response to emergencies and other threats to public safety; the protection of certain public facilities and infrastructure; the maintenance of public order; the protection of public officials; and the operation of some correctional facilities.

To honor the sacrifices of officers these offer a solid, life time lasting memento that becomes highly collectible due to its superior design and quality.